High performance Card Loks to meet SWaP Requirements

High performance Card Loks to meet SWaP Requirements

There are new Card Lok advancements to cool your board faster and secure your board in the most rugged environments. Could your designs use an upgrade? Learn more below on how these drop-in replacements can enhance your system’s performance.

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280HT High Thermal
Card Loks
Achieve 15% increased thermal performance over similarly sized Card Loks. The 280HT is a drop-in replacement for applications using the 280 series.

Cool off your board faster:
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Learn how recent Card Lok innovations can better meet SWaP and Second Level Maintenance requirements:
High Clamp Force, Small Profile Card Loks
Improve clamp force by 3X over traditional Card Loks! Family of small profile, high clamp force Card Loks that are drop-in replacements for the 260, 263, 265, and 267 series.

Ruggedize your design:
Conduction Cooled Assemblies
Designed to retain and cool PCBs in rugged, heavy shock and high vibration environments commonly found in Military and Defense and commercial aerospace systems

Retain and cool off your PCB’s faster: